Common challenges

Greeting from Mr. Roberto Pineda (El Salvador), representing World Student Christian Federation of Latin America and the Caribbean to the 1984 Asia Youth Assembly, held in New Delhi, India from 2 to 8 of October, 1984.


I want to share with you some common challenges that are faced by young Christians in Latin America and the Caribbean as in Asia and the Pacific.
We face the challenge to be faithful to our understanding of the message of Jesus Christ as a message of peace and justice, of liberation.
We face the challenge of understanding our concrete national realities and the role we as Christian students must play.
We face the challenge of being involved with the poor, with the oppressed, with the people in their fight for their fundamental rights, against poverty, against dictatorship, against foreign domination.
We share the dream that some day we will be able to build new societies based on love, peace and justice.

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