No to International Police Academy in El Salvador!

The Popular Social Block of El Salvador, composed by organizations of farmers, community, religious, youth, students, tradeunions, indigenous, women and veterans of war, denounces to the national and international public opinion that:

1. Last week, Condoleeza Rice, National Security Advisor of the Bush Administration, announced that there was an agreement with president Saca to establish in El Salvador the International Law Enforcement Academy known as ILEA.

2. This decision comes to consolidate the control that the US government keep over our country that it is expressed by forced dolarization, presence of Salvadoran troops in Irak, decision to bring Posada Carriles, the US Military Base in Comalapa, and the ratification last December by Salvadoran Congress of the Free Trade Agreement.

3. The establishment of ILEA will come to vulnerate even more our already deteriorated sovereignty. It will means the presence of a training center for the violation of the human rights of Latin American and Salvadoran people.

In this situation, as Popular Social Block we states that:

1. We repudiate and reject the El Salvador ILEA inconsulted establishment. We declare our commitment to stop ILEA because it is a threat against the security of our people.

2. We make a call to all progressive and democratic sectors to denounces this US empire oriented project.

3. We make a call to the international solidarity to work together to stop this project and support our independence.

4. 4. We commit ourselves to develop an educational campaign to educate our people about the dangerous consequences of having ILEA in our land. We demand a Citizen Consultation about this issue.

We dont want ILEA, we dont want to be a US Colony!

National Coordinating Committee of Popular Social Block of El Salvador

Demilitarization of Americas campaign CADA

San Salvador, June 16, 2005

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