On Yasser Arafat death


The World Peace Council expresses its deep sorrow about the loss of the President of Palestine and leader of the Palestinian People, YASER ARAFAT.

Yaser Arafat was for decades a genuine fighter for the just causes of the Palestinian people, the true leader of the struggle for the Liberation of Palestine from occupation and oppression. He was a symbol of the unity of his people and a national leader with worldwide recognition and respect.

His loss will not weaken the active solidarity of the peoples of the world towards the struggle of the Palestinians till the establishment of the independent state of Palestine with East Jerusalem as its capital. On the contrary we will continue supporting the resistance of the Palestinian people against the occupation of the territories in West Bank and Gaza strip, till the complete withdrawal of the Israeli occupation forces.

This is the only way to establish peace in the broader region of Middle East, with two independent states of Palestine and Israel, side by side, ending the Israeli aggressions and the suffering of the Palestinian People.

The late President Yaser Arafat stood up and fought against injustice and the violation of International law till the end of his life. All of us are committing ourselves to continue together with the Palestinian people this struggle till the final victory.

We wish to express our sincere condolences to the family of the President, the leadership of the Palestinian National Authority, the PLO and the entire Palestinian people.

The General Secretary of WPC, Thanassis Pafilis will attend the funeral of Yaser Arafat in Cairo.

Athens November 11, 2004 The Secretariat of WPC

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