Thirty-six years ago Martin Luther King, Jr. summoned working people across America to a Poor Peoples March on Washington to inaugurate a war on poverty at home.

The United States government, he proclaimed, is one of the greatest purveyors of violence in the world …America is at a crossroads in history and it is critically important for us as a nation and society to choose a new path and move on it with resolution and courage

The crisis facing working people today is even more acute. Under the cover of systematic lies and deception, wars of devastation have been launched at the expense of working people everywhere.

In our name, a handful of the rich and powerful corporations have usurped our government. A corporate and banking oligarchy changes hats and occupies public office to wage class war on working people. They have captured the State in their own interests.

The vast majority of working Americans are under siege. Social services and essential funding for schools, libraries, affordable housing and health care are slashed and eliminated.

Decent paying jobs are disappearing through outsourcing and privatization whose real purpose is to break unions and roll back the gains of one hundred years of struggle.

Sweat shops and starvation wages are imposed on workers across the world and deployed against workers at home to undermine our jobs and our benefits.

This undisguised class war is waged without restraint against working families and our children, enforced by anti-labor legislation and decrees, and by courts serving our exploiters.

The aim of repressive legislation such as the Patriot Act is to terrorize and suppress the struggles of working people for their rights, and to destroy democratic control of the economy and of society. The pretext of enemies afar becomes a smoke screen for repression and autocratic rule.

The time has come to mobilize working people for our own agenda. Let us end subservience to the power of the privileged few and their monopoly of the political process in America.

Come together, brothers and sisters. Join The Million Worker March on Washington as we launch a great movement for social change. Let us forge together a social, economic and political movement for working people. We are the many .The secretive and corrupt who control our lives are the rapacious few.

Let us mobilize together through our unions, labor councils, social and community organizations, friends and neighbors everywhere. We are on the move and we shall not be denied.

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