Build a mass fighting International Communist Party! Red Banner, february 2010

The  deepening  worldwide  capitalist  economic   crisis   and   the   world   imperialists’   unrelenting    drive to wider and more lethal oil wars have hundreds  of  millions  of  workers  questioning  capitalism.  This  crisis  will  deepen,  regional  wars  will   give way to World War III and billions of workers  unable  to  live  in  the  old  way,  will  not  only  question capitalism but will look for radical alternatives.  Will  they  choose  and  fight  for  communism   as   the   only   solution   to   the   capitalist-imperialist  inferno? 

No,  this  will  only  happen  if  revolutionary   communists   now   wage   a   protracted, patient but determined effort to put communism on the agenda of the international working  class.  In  order  to  do  this, we must inject our revolutionary  communist  ideas  in  every  piece  of  literature  and  every  class  struggle  in  which  we  participate.  Our  task  is  to  win  millions  of  workers to embrace communist ideas in order to guarantee  that  they  will  fight  for,  win  and  build  a  communist  society.  It  is  a  monumental  historical  challenge.  We  have  accepted  it  with  responsibility,  humility,  confidence  in  our  class  and  great  revolutionary optimism by founding the International Communist Workers Party (ICWP).

Members  and  friends  of  ICWP  in  the  US  and  other countries are determined to build our Party into  the  new  Communist  International.  We  are  determined to destroy forever the bosses’ poisonous  ideologies  of  racism,  sexism,  individualism,  patriotism  and  nationalism.  We  are  determined  to  fight  for  a  world  without  borders.  We  are  determined to win millions of workers, soldiers and students  worldwide  to  fight  for  communism  under the slogans of “one class, one flag, one political  line  and  one  Party.” 

We  are  committed  to  building  a  communist  world  –  a  world  without  bosses  where  nothing  will  be  bought  or  sold;  a  world  where  “from  each  according  to  his/her  commitment, to each according to his/her needs” will be the universal rule.

It  is  not  an  easy  task  and  it  won’t  happen  over-night.  However,  history  has  recorded  many  instances  in  which  our  class  has  overcome  overwhelming  odds  –  has  “dared  to  storm  heaven”  –  and  won.  The  Russian  Revolution  of  1917,  the  Chinese Revolution of 1949, the Defeat of Hitler’s Nazi  hordes  during  WWII  and  the  Chinese  Proletarian  Cultural  Revolution  in  the  1960s  will  stand as the last century’s greatest achievements.

Unfortunately,  the  old  international  communist  movement  lacked  the  confidence  that  the  working  class  could  be  won  to  fight  directly  for  communism. It fought for socialism – state capitalism administered by the working class – and inevitably turned into its opposite, that is, back to capitalism.  Now  Russia  and  China  are  imperialist  countries   rivaling   US   imperialism   for   world   domination.

Today,  standing  on  the  shoulders  of  the  giants  who preceded us, we can see farther and clearer. We  are  forever  grateful  to  the  founder  of  Progressive Labor Party under whose leadership the PLP made tremendous contributions to the international  communist  movement.  Nevertheless,  we  have  left  PLP  to  found  the  ICWP  because  we  consider  that  the  current  PLP  leadership  has  taken  the  revisionist  road.  We  take  with  us  the  great lessons and experiences of PLP and its fight  against revisionism, especially Road to Revolution published  in  1982  which  rejects  stages  and  socialism and calls for fighting directly for communism.

RR calls for a mass party and for winning masses of workers, soldiers  and  students  to  communism  before,  during  and  after  revolution.  We  take  with  us  the  PLP  document  Road  to  Revolution   which  confronted  one  of  the  main  unresolved weaknesses of the international communist movement:  understanding  the  contradictory  nature of reform and revolution. 

RR4.5 makes clear that it is not enough to say we fight for communism. It makes clear that communists  must  fight  daily,  shoulder  to  shoulder,  with  workers  who  are  struggling  against  the  bosses’  attacks. However, our main task in these struggles is  to  constantly  introduce  our  communist  ideas,  fully  confident  that  many  workers  can  be  won  to  see  that  communism,  not  reformism,  is  the  solution  to  their  problems.  We  undertake  this  task  seriously,  participating  in  class  struggle,  exposing  illusions  in  reformism  and  reformist  leaders,  agitating massively for our ideas in leaflets, building networks  to  distribute  our  newspaper,  organizing  action-study  groups  and  recruiting  to  our  party. 

Long term ties with our fellow workers are key to our  work,  especially  among  industrial  workers  and soldiers. Communists who see their main task as  winning  the  reform  will  inevitably  become  reformists and end up revisionists, fake communists who destroy the communist movement. This is the road  the  PLP  leadership  has  taken  and  they  refused  to  have  an  all out  party  discussion  of  their  reformist  and  revisionist  errors.  What’s  more,  they tried to silence the left.

We refused to commit the  same  error  as  the  Chinese  Red  Guards  who,  during the Great Proletarian Cultural Revolution, fought  for  communism  and  against  the  Chinese  Communist   Party’s   revisionism   but   failed   to    break with Mao and found their own party.

The  road  to  revolution  will  have  many  ups  and  downs but the final victory shall be ours. We face the most murderous fascist ruling class in history: the capitalists and imperialists of the world. They boast  the  most  lethal  and  destructive  weapons  ever  developed.  They  arrogantly  stride  the  world  as if they were all powerful and invincible. Nevertheless,   the   capitalists   are   strategically   weak.  

More  than  other  ruling  classes  in  history,  their  economic  and  military  might  are  dependent  on  their  gravediggers,  the  workers  of  the  world.  The  rulers’  ideology  among  our  ranks  is  the  main  obstacle  preventing  us  from  carrying  out  our  historic task. The sooner we in ICWP replace it with communist  ideology  the  sooner  the  international  working  class  will  be  on  the  road  to  communist  revolution   and   communism.  

Dare   to   struggle,   dare  to  win.  The  future  shall  be  ours.  Fight  reformism! Fight for Communism! Join Us! 

Join the  International Communist Workers’ Party (ICWP)

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